ICRU Report 65, Quantities, Units and Terms in Radioecology


This Report provides the first comprehensive and authoritative set of definitions for quantities, units and terms used in the highly interdisciplinary field of radioecology. The scope of this Report is the presentation of the primary quantities and terms that are used in studies of radionuclide transport in the environment and those used to help assess the effects of environmental radioactivity on plants, animals and humans.

The first section of the Report defines the quantities frequently used in radioecology. Explanatory comments are provided, and special conditions that must be specified for the quantities to be fully understood are given. To encourage greater uniformity and to minimize confusion in this field, both the currently recommended and previously used names and symbols are given. The second section provides a glossary of scientific terms that are often used in radioecology. Many of these terms are common to one or more other scientific disciplines that have been applied to radioecology studies. A number of appendices are also included which provide common and scientific names of selected plant and animal species that are commonly studied in radioecology.