The prestigious Gray Medal was established by the ICRU in 1967. The medal is awarded for outstanding contributions in scientific fields of interest to the ICRU and honors the late Louis Harold Gray, former member and Vice-Chairman of the ICRU and eminent medical physicist and radiobiologist. The medal is awarded with frequency determined by the ICRU and is usually awarded in rotation, to recipients in the fields of Radiation Oncology, Medical Imaging and Basic Science. The medal is presented at an appropriate international congress or symposium where the recipient is invited to give a scientific lecture.

Past Recipients:

Dr. Lewis V. Spencer (1969)

Dr. John W. Boag (1975)

Dr. Mortimer M. Elkind (1977)

Professor Maurice Tubiana (1981)

Dr. Harald H. Rossi (1985)

Dr. Dietrich Schulte-Frohlinde (1989)

Dr. H. Rodney Withers (1995)

Professor Paul Lauterbur (1999)

Dr. Herman Suit (2001)

Dr. R.J. Michael Fry (2003)

Dr. Martin J. Berger (2003)

Dr. Charles E. Metz (2005)

Dr. Eric J. Hall (2007)

Dr. Albert J. van der Kogel (2009)

Dr. Dudley Goodhead (2011)

Dr. Willi Kalender (2013)

Dr. Fiona Stewart (2015)

Dr. Charles Mistretta (2017)

Dr. Anders Brahme (2018)

Dr. Eleanor A. Blakely (2019)

Dr. Lester Peters (2020)

Dr. Mary Gospodarawicz (2021)

Dr. Kunio Doi (2023)