ICRU Report 52, Particle Counting in Radioactivity Measurements


This Report describes the principles involved in counting, or measuring, the flux of directly or indirectly ionizing particles, including photons, produced by radioactive samples. The emphasis is on particles and counting, i.e., on discrete random events and especially on fundamental aspects.

Major sections of the Report include the following:

The Poisson Process
Live-Timing and Pile-up
Counting with a Single Detector
The Coincidence Method
The Anti-Coincidence Method
The Selective Sampling Method
The Correlation Method
Extrapolation Techniques

Appendices cover (1) the notation used in connection with the coincidence method, (2) the main symbols used in the Report, (3) glossary, (4) Müller’s correction formula for extendable dead times and (5) Smith’s correction formula for non-extendable dead times.