ICRU Report 56, Dosimetry of External Beta Rays for Radiation Protection


This Report recognizes that the general aim of beta-ray dosimetry in radiation protection is to provide dosimetric information that will help in keeping any harmful effects of beta rays within acceptable limits and that, in the event of serious over-exposure, will assist medical treatment and prognosis.

The Report outlines the biological basis for beta-ray dose limitations, describes the techniques for measuring beta-ray doses or calculating them for known sources, and provides physical data needed for such determinations. Major sections of the report treat the following topics:

Quantities relevant to beta-ray dosimetry
Anatomical and radiobiological basis of skin dosimetry
Beta-ray sources and spectra
Physics of the interaction of electrons and matter
Calculation of dose distributions
Measurement techniques
Routine beta-ray measurements
Special problems of beta-ray measurements
Standard sources and calibrations
Appendicies cover composition and characteristics of materials, stopping powers and ranges of electrons, and absorbed dose distributions and conversion factors.