ICRU Report 38, Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Intracavitary Therapy in Gynecology

This Report deals with the problem of dose and volume specification with prinicpal emphasis on gynecological applications. The concepts developed in the Report are, however, designed to be applicable to other types of intracavitary applications.

The Report includes major sections on definition of terms and concepts currently used in intracavitary therapy, recommendations for reporting absorbed doses and volumes in intracavitary therapy, and the time-dose pattern involved in this type of therapy. The Report includes recommendations on (1) description of the techniques used, (2) specification of the total reference air kerma, (3) description of the reference volume, (4) specification of absorbed dose at reference points, and (5) specification of the time-dose pattern. An appendix to the Report treats specification of radioactive sources used in intracavitary therapy.