ICRU Report 58, Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Interstitial Therapy


This Report is the latest in a series of ICRU Reports treating matters of dose specification. The Commission previously issued ICRU Report 38, Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Intracavitary Therapy in Gynecology and ICRU Report 50, Prescribing, Recording and Reporting Photon Beam Therapy.

ICRU Report 58 focuses, of course, on absorbed dose specification for reporting interstitial therapy, but many of the concepts developed in the report are also applicable to certain other kinds of brachytherapy. The Report develops a common language for reporting which is based on existing concepts. The intent is to provide a means for specifying dose and volume in a way that can be closely related to the outcome of treatment and that will be generally understood.

Major sections of the Report include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of Terms and Concepts
  3. Recommendations for Recording and Reporting
  4. Practical Applications of Recommendations

Appendicies treat quantities and units, interstitial brachytherapy sources, determination of source parameters, verification of source strength and practical examples.