ICRU Report 59, Clinical Proton Dosimetry – Part I: Beam Production, Beam Delivery and Measurement of Absorbed Dose


This Report is the first of a two-part set treating clinical proton dosimetry. The Report includes a description of the interaction of protons with matter, and treats various methods of beam production, the characteristics of proton beams in clinical use, methods for beam monitoring and specific recommendations for dose calibration.

It is intended to serve as a complete and self-contained reference for the determination of absorbed dose in a proton beam, in a homogeneous water phantom, at a reference point. Part II of the set, to be published later, will deal with the influence of patient shape and tissue heterogeneity on dose distribution and will include description of treatment planning considerations and also cover the definition of beam quality and clinical radiobiological effectiveness of proton beams relative to photon beams. Major sections of ICRU Report 59 are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Production of Proton Beams for Therapeutic Applications
  3. Pertinent Quantities and Units
  4. Proton Interactions with Matter
  5. Determination of Proton Absorbed Dose in Reference Conditions
  6. Beam Monitoring and Relative Dosimetry
  7. Recommendations for Determination of Absorbed Dose in a Phantom

One appendix sets out information on quality assurance and another provides a dosimetry worksheet.