2018 Commission Meeting

ICRU held its Annual Meeting from 13-16 October 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hans Menzel, Chairman of ICRU opened the meeting with a welcome to all in attendance and an acknowledgment to Dr. Schauer, Ms. Atwell and Dr. Wojcik for the fine arrangements for the meeting.

Members of the Commission in Attendance
Hans Menzel, Chairman
Paul DeLuca, Vice-Chairman
T. Rockwell Mackie, Secretary/Treasurer
Søren Bentzen, Executive Director
Vincent Grégoire, Executive Director
John Boone
María-Ester Brandan
David Burns
Elena Fantuzzi (excused)
Roger Howell
Pawel Olko
Brian O’Sullivan
David Rogers
Norio Saito

ICRU Staff in Attendance
David A. Schauer, Executive Secretary
Laura J. Atwell (excused)

Guests in Attendance
Steve McKeever, Co-Chairman RC 28
Clemens Woda, Co-Chairman RC 28
Roger Coates, IRPA
Kathryn Held, NCRP
Miroslov Pinak, IAEA
Ferid Shannoun, UNSCEAR

Review of Draft Reports
Working parties met to discuss two reports that are in various stages of development:
Retrospective Assessment of Individual Doses in Cases of Acute Exposure to Ionizing Radiation (Steve McKeever and Clemens Woda)
Bioeffect Modelling and Equieffective Dose Concepts in Radiation Therapy (Søren Bentzen and Roger Howell)

Observer Seminars
Observer reports were made during the joint meeting with ICRP. AAPM, BIPM, IAEA, IRPA, NCRP and UNSCEAR all provided reports.

Local Seminars
RaySearch, Minna Wedenberg
Elekta, Nina and David Tilly

All current members of the Commission were re-elected with the exception of Dr. Chiti.

Officers elected were: Vincent Grégoire, Chairman; T. Rockwell Mackie, Vice-Chairman; María-Ester Brandan, Secretary; John Boone, Treasurer; Søren Bentzen, Executive Director

Other Business
Other business included discussions of ICRU finances, obligations of sponsors, report committee status, publication schedules, new initiatives, future operation of ICRU, Gray Medal Award for 2019 and plans for the 2019 Commission meeting.

ICRU Committees
The following committees are in final publication stage:

Radiation Monitoring for Protection of the Public After Major Releases of Radionuclides to the Environment
Prescribing, Recording, and Reporting Light Ion-Beam Therapy

The following committees are actively working on draft reports:
Bioeffect Modelling and Equieffective Dose Concepts in Radiation Therapy
Operational Dose Quantities for External Radiation Exposure
Retrospective Assessment of Individual Doses in Cases of Acute Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
ICRU Composite Glossary
Treatment Planning for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
Dose Prescription, Recording and Reporting in IMRT
Quantitative Imaging for Assessment of Response in Oncology

New Work Approved by the Commission
Microdosimetry (Update of ICRU Report 36)

Discussion on Potential Work for the Future
Possible work for the future included:
Breast dosimetry

Gray Medal – The next Gray Medal will be awarded in 2019. A call for nominations will be distributed.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Commission will be held in Singapore. Meeting arrangements will be handled by Dr. Grégoire in coordination with the ICRU Secretariat.