2017 Commission Meeting

ICRU held its Annual Meeting from 1-4 April 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico.  Hans Menzel, Chairman of ICRU, opened the meeting with a welcome to all in in attendance and an acknowledgement to María-Ester Brandan for the fine arrangements for the meeting. Dr. Menzel welcomed new Commission Member Dr. Pawel Olko to his first meeting and indicated that Dr. Chiti was unable to attend.

Members of the Commission in Attendance
• Hans Menzel, Chairman
• Paul DeLuca, Vice Chairman
• T. Rockwell Mackie, Secretary/Treasurer
• Søren Bentzen, Executive Director
• Vincent Grégoire, Executive Director
• John Boone
• María-Ester Brandan
• David Burns
• Elena Fantuzzi
• Roger Howell
• Pawel Olko
• Brian O’Sullivan
• David Rogers
• Norio Saito

ICRU Staff in Attendance
• David A. Schauer, Executive Secretary
• Laura Atwell, Assistant Executive Secretary

Guests in Attendance
• Volodymyr Berkovskyy, Chairman RC 28
• John Harrison, ICRP
• Ola Holmberg, IAEA
• Oliver Jäkel, Chairman RC 22

Review of Draft Reports
Working parties met to discuss three reports that are in various stages of development:
• Operational Dose Quantities for External Radiation Exposure (Hans Menzel)
• Monitoring and Assessment of Radiation Releases to the Environment (Volodymyr Berkovskyy)
• Prescribing, Recording, and Reporting Ion-Beam Therapy (Oliver Jäkel)

Observer Seminars
• AAPM activities given by John Boone
• IAEA activities given by Ola Holmberg, Head, Radiation Protection of Patients Unit, Radiation
  Safety and Monitoring Section
• ICRP activities given by John Harrison, Chairman ICRP C2

Local Seminars
• Welcome to the UNAM Institute of Physics, Professor Manuel Torres, Director
• The Formation of Stars and Protoplanetary Disks, Professor Susana Lizano, UNAM Center of 
   Radioastronomy and Astrophysics
• Radiation in Cultural Heritage: Re-Discovering the Mexican Historical Artifacts, Professor 
  José-Luis Ruvalcaba, UNAM Institute of Physics
• Research and Professional Medical Physics in Mexico, Professor María-Ester Brandan, UNAM
  Institute of Physics

Dr. John Boone gave a seminar entitled Breast CT: Technology development and clinical performance.

All current members of the Commission were re-elected. 
Officers elected were: Hans Menzel, Chairman; Paul DeLuca, Vice Chairman; T. Rockwell Mackie, Secretary/Treasurer; Søren Bentzen and Vincent Grégoire were elected as Executive Directors.